Basic Philosophy

DISCO believes that employees play the leading role in a company. We aim to be a company, in which our employees can achieve self-fulfilment by participating in company activities.
The phrase "Always the best, Always fun" in DISCO's Code of Conduct expresses a situation in which employees strive for perfection with a sense of professionalism, while at the same time fully enjoying their work. We require employees who are able to work by this code and are striving to create a system in which employees can be active and an environment in which they can work in safety.

In addition, DISCO recognizes the diverse range of our employees and we do not allow any human rights to be ignored. We provide a space in which employees can thrive and make the most of their abilities, regardless of gender, age, nationality, ethnicity, religion, academic record or other factors.
In our annual Employee Satisfaction Survey, our employees are invited to provide their views regarding human rights at DISCO. With consistently high results each year, DISCO will continue to strive to provide and maintain a workplace where each individual employee feels comfortable and respected.