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Corporate Outline

End-of-life Product Recycling Initiative

DISCO Corporation, to further its industry leadership in the 3R's (reduce, reuse, recycle), has received qualification from the Ministry of the Environment as a Nationwide Recycler of Designated Industrial Refuse and will begin the collection and recycling of its used machines—a first in the production machinery industry.

Due to variances in the laws and conditions prevailing in various countries, this applies for the moment only to Japan.


What is a Nationwide Recycler of Designated Industrial Refuse?

As established in the "Law Regarding the Disposal and Cleanup of Refuse," a Nationwide Recycler of Designated Industrial Refuse is a company permitted to collect and recycle equipment it has manufactured or sold ("designated" refuse).

A company wishing to become a Nationwide Recycler must submit to the Ministry of the Environment details of the proposed collection process, recycling processes, and subcontractors to be employed. Once qualified by the Ministry, a company may perform collection and recycling throughout Japan without having to obtain qualification as either Collector and Transporter of Industrial Refuse or Processor of Industrial Refuse. This special qualification, however, limits a company to the collection and recycling of used equipment that it itself has manufactured or sold.

Benefits to DISCO Customers

By using this service, customers can be confident that DISCO products are being collected, recycled, and disposed of in a way that considers environmental impact and complies fully with the law. Further, the customer is relieved of the burden of disposal details, such as the selection of shippers, processors, and disposers; the drawing up of contracts and issuing of manifests; and the management of documents, procedures, and processes.

Diagram of Recycling Process

Diagram of Recycling Process

By means of this important qualification, DISCO will significantly enhance the reusability and recyclability of its products. Concurrently, DISCO is working to lessen its use of physical resources and energy by aiming for a greener supply chain, easier disassembly of equipment, and greater recoverability of all product materials. Through these and other initiatives, DISCO's intends to contribute significantly to industry awareness of environmental issues and be a leader in environmentally responsible management.