Reporting Line

About the Reporting Line

DISCO has established a reporting line to report ethical and compliance violations or potential violations of ethics and compliance by DISCO's officers and employees.

DISCO will not take any adverse action against the informant for making a report.
However, this does not apply to cases where the informant uses the system with the intention of abusing it (e.g., reporting for the purpose of harming others or gaining personal profit, slander, etc.).

For Anonymous Reports

Anonymous reports will be accepted by an outside law firm (TANABE & PARTNERS) to ensure confidentiality and anonymity.
The law firm will not provide DISCO with any information that could identify the informant without the informant's consent.

An excerpt from the contract between DISCO and the law firm regarding anonymity has been made public (reference translation).

Both TANABE & PARTNERS and DISCO agree that in the event an anonymous report is received using TANABE & PARTNERS as an external hotline, TANABE & PARTNERS shall neither disclose nor provide information to DISCO that could be used to identify the informant, excluding cases in which the informant has consented.

How to Report

FAX 03-3214-3810