Representative Executive Officer Reassignment

DISCO hereby announces that the following Representative Executive Officer reassignment was decided at the board of directors’ meeting today.

1. Representative Executive Officer Reassignment (as of June 29, 2023)

Name New title Current title
Noboru Yoshinaga Director,
Representative Executive Vice President
Executive Vice President

2. Reason for Reassignment

To strengthen the executive system.
This transfer will be ratified at the board of directors’ meeting after the Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting scheduled for June 29.

3. Career Summary

Date of birth: August 23, 1957

April 1982: Joined DISCO
July 2004: Global Sales General Manager, PS Company, DISCO
July 2006: Global Sales Department Manager, PS Company, DISCO
June 2011: Managing Executive Officer, Sales Division Manager and Service Manager, DISCO
June 2015: Senior Managing Executive Officer, Sales Division Manager, and Global Sales Department Manager
August 2017: Customer Engineering Department Manager, Sales Division, DISCO (effective currently)
June 2019: Senior Executive Director, Sales Division Manager, DISCO
June 2021: Global Sales Department Manager, DISCO (effective currently)
June 2022: Director, Executive Vice President, Sales Division Manager, DISCO (effective currently)

Number of stocks owned: 9,300 (after stock split effective on April 1, 2023)

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