DISCO has been promoting activities to realize a sustainable society based on DISCO’s corporate philosophy, DISCO VALUES, and DISCO VISION, which clearly outlines the state that DISCO aspires to achieve 10 years in the future in the form of milestones that exist in order to enable us to implement DISCO VALUES.

DISCO VALUES, DISCO’s Definition of Growth as a Company


Identification of Material Issues / Establishment Process of DISCO VISION 2030

Material Issues

DISCO VALUES Management Guidelines


DISCO VALUES, DISCO’s corporate philosophy established in 1997, clarifies the social mission (Mission), which is the role that DISCO intends to play in the society, and the corporate target (Target) necessary for DISCO to firmly forge ahead to achieve this Mission.


Bringing faraway science to comfortable living through advanced ‘Kiru’, ‘Kezuru’, ‘Migaku’ technologies


Our technology and services are to become international standards, bringing delight worldwide

By achieving excellence in all of our corporate activities, our existence will be welcomed by our stakeholders and society

“Advanced Kiru, Kezuru and Migaku technologies” is DISCO’s business domain. In other words, DISCO will never deviate from the three technology fields of Kiru (cutting), Kezuru (grinding), and Migaku (polishing) in our business activities. The company’s social mission is to connect the ever-advancing science to bountiful and comfortable lifestyles via these core technologies. For this purpose, DISCO believes that the most important thing is to increase value-exchange with our stakeholders.

In 2002, in order to make it easier for all DISCO members, including both officers and employees, to behave and make decisions in line with our Mission and Target stated above, on top of carrying out daily corporate activities and business operations, over 200 detailed statements were added to DISCO VALUES as “Management Guidelines”. To this day, in order to enable all our employees to act and make decisions according to DISCO VALUES in their daily activities, DISCO has been consistently implementing activities to further this initiative, such as company-wide workshops and workplace-based study sessions.

DISCO’s Definition of Growth as a Company

In addition, DISCO does not think of growth in terms of the expansion of the company’s sales, size, or market share. For DISCO, “growth” as mentioned in DISCO VALUES is defined as how close we come to achieving our Mission, the increase in value-exchange with our stakeholders, such as employees, customers, and shareholders compared to the previous year, and whether we further contributed to society.

Growth of DISCO


DISCO VISION plays the role of a mid-term milestone that clearly outlines the future state that DISCO aspires to achieve and the goals toward which it should strive on the path to achieving our Mission.

DISCO VISION was established in 1997, and activities were first started with 2010 as the target. When we reached the target year of 2010, we reviewed our progress and activities thus far, and established DISCO VISION 2020 with the aim of pursuing further evolution for the next 10 years.

As with the previous VISION, we reviewed our activities thus far, and established DISCO VISION 2030 from a future perspective aiming at further evolution. This VISION defines not only quantitative targets such as sales and profits, but also includes qualitative targets.
This VISION clearly defines the goals that DISCO aims to achieve by 2030 from multiple angles: the Element Angle, which elucidates what the corporation is based on its main elements, such as the business, organization, and human resources, and the Stakeholder Angle, which focuses on the relationship between DISCO and our predominant stakeholders.
In this way, at DISCO, instead of implementing management plans that are focused on the present, we conduct our business activities by creating management plans reversely formulated from the future state that we want to achieve, our VISION, and strive to achieve even higher ideals.

Mission Target DISCO VISION

Identifying Material Issues / Establishment Process of DISCO VISION 2030

Reviewing DISCO VISION 2020

Management carries out an achievement evaluation of the targets and KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for each item of DISCO VISION 2020

Selecting important business issues
Sustainability issues based on the recent societal demand, in addition to the business and sustainability issues already included in DISCO VALUES and DISCO VISION 2020 are selected
Identifying Material Issues by evaluating their importance
Management evaluates the importance of the business issues including the sustainability issues selected in STEP 2 and identifies the Material Issues
Discussing and establishing DISCO VISION 2030
Based on the review in STEP 1 and the Materiality evaluation in STEP 3, management discusses and creates a draft proposal of DISCO VISION 2030, which is then deliberated and established by the board of directors
Announcing Material Issues
The Material Issues included in DISCO VISION 2030 are incorporated and announced

Material Issues

Management has evaluated the importance of the business issues, including sustainability issues, from the perspectives of “importance for the society and stakeholders” and “importance for DISCO,” and have identified the Material Issues.

Material Issues

Items from DISCO VISION 2030 have been incorporated into the Material Issues, and are indicated as shown below along with the achievement scores to be achieved by the end of FY 2030.
In addition, all environment-related Material Issues other than climate change countermeasures will be included in the Environmental Vision 2030, which is planned to be created. The details will be announced once decided.

マテリアリティ マテリアリティ  

An Excerpt from the Management Guidelines, DISCO Values

A portion of the statements is as follows.

General Principles of Management

  • DISCO VALUES is shared throughout DISCO on a worldwide scale.
  • DISCO conducts stakeholder-oriented management. “Highly transparent governance” is absolutely required.
  • The manner to maintain steady and favorable relationships with stakeholders, such as customers, employees and shareholders, is a vital management issue.
    And, consistently confirming the increase in value-exchangeability between DISCO and its stakeholders is the key to the issue.
  • DISCO is fair in all its corporate activities.
  • DISCO proceeds in a spirit of openness and fairness.
    Therefore, DISCO’s management is not to create an environment that generates negativity, must discourage negativity and is never to conceal negativity.
  • Disregard for human rights is not condoned in DISCO’s corporate activities.
  • Consideration for the environment, health and safety is a common principle to all corporate activities.
  • Risk management is intended to protect the stakeholders. DISCO ensures thorough risk management.
  • A good organization nurtures its members.
  • Avoiding or concealing the need for a recall is a betrayal of the stakeholders and benefits nobody.
  • DISCO and its employees exchange value. They mutually aim to better this exchange. HR and our HR system are based on this principle.
  • Equal opportunity is given and equitably rewarded.
  • Organizational management supports operational management. Executives must be professionals in organizational management.
  • The implementation of DISCO VALUES is an important role of management. Management that does not consider DISCO VALUES cannot be regarded as DISCO’s management.
  • Be loyal to the principles and always reconfirm the principles and the goal. Above all, place importance on the essentials. Forgetting these fundamentals puts the organization at risk.
  • A successful result is not evaluated if it is done without regard to DISCO VALUES.
  • “Fairness” is important at DISCO. It should be asserted without effect by emotion or general atmosphere. An example of this would be the expression, “justice overrides harmony”.
  • “Create a company where customers feel reassured in doing business”
    “Create a company where we, as employees, can work without risk”
    This is the vision of Business Continuity Management (BCM).
  • DISCO will continue to conduct its business no matter the contingency. This will reassure our stakeholders.

Human Resources

  • The capability of an individual increases many times over via organic interaction with others.
  • Displays of originality and capability depend on the intent of each member. DISCO encourages such intentions and ambitions.
  • DISCO establishes an environment in which those suited to be members of the organization may continue to perform for as long as possible.
  • Personal and family values may differ among individuals. Neither the corporation nor its employees seek to interfere in the individual matters of its employees.
  • When evaluating an employee, DISCO does not consider personal attributions such as gender, age, nationality, race, religion or educational background.

Line of Business

  • Application Engineering, products and services all together constitute our “Line of Business”.
  • After-sales service and customer complaints should be perceived as opportunities to find new customer needs.


  • DISCO always keeps in mind the brilliance of “going for it”.


  • DISCO has the responsibility to provide a stable supply of first class products to our customers.


  • “Money” is not the goal but the means to accomplish DISCO’s mission.
  • DISCO does not pursue “Money” that does not comply with DISCO VALUES.
  • DISCO only depends on “Money” generated from business and “quality investment”.
  • Profits are to be invested in the reproduction of value. Returning profits to our stakeholders is based on the same idea.
  • Whether money is “clean” or “dirty” depends on the people who handle it. DISCO’s “Money” has nothing to do with “easy money”.
  • DISCO does not speculate when investing or using funds. DISCO only makes investments that contribute to our growth.


  • “Buying” is an important function which can enhance DISCO’s products.
  • In DISCO’s “Buying”, the suppliers should be given equal information, be selected fairly and receive the correct payment.
  • DISCO and its suppliers are on an equal footing. As a partner participating in DISCO’s business, they should be treated with respect. DISCO’s “Buying” should never create a bad image.
  • When equal offers are made, our preference is given to suppliers “who have a higher sense of social responsibility”, such as for the environment and human rights, as well as to suppliers of the local community to which DISCO belongs.
  • In selecting the supplier, we should correctly understand the true state of their company as well as the quality of their products.


  • “Selling” is the act of realizing the optimal value-exchange between DISCO and customers.
  • DISCO’s “Selling” is not to offer the products but the values generated by the business with DISCO.


  • The quality of an “Organization” is determined by the quality of its members. Therefore, DISCO’s “Organization” should consist of high quality members.
  • In order to build an “Organization” that functions organically in the same way as the human body, it must have strong leadership that continuously encourages the organization to function organically.
  • Escalation is a duty in order to bring out the full potential of the organization.

Corporate Social Relations

  • Being a good corporate citizen forms the basis of DISCO’s “Corporate Social Relations”.
  • Relations between DISCO and society should always be considered, and efforts to maintain the relationships expended.

Corporate Culture

  • The core of DISCO’s corporate culture is DISCO VALUES.
  • High quality “Corporate Culture” is a long-lasting source of vitality for an organization.