Aiming for excellence in corporate activities

Kazuma Sekiya President and COO

Business conditions in economic and global environments as well as in science and technology have been recently changing at a dizzying pace. The expected content and quality of the corporate activities and the social responsibilities that companies are being called upon to fulfill are continually evolving. DISCO has established "DISCO Values" - an ethos intended for application throughout the organization. The aim in so doing is to clarify the future direction of the corporation under rapidly changing conditions, without being sidetracked by superficial changes.

DISCO Values clearly states: "By achieving excellence in all of our corporate activities, our existence will be welcomed by our stakeholders and society." This indicates that DISCO is a corporation which aspires for technology and services regarded as an international standard. As such, we must show strong determination to respond flexibly to changes in society and to enhance every aspect of our corporate activities which meets our corporate values.

Since 2003, DISCO has been introducing activities known as Performance Innovation Management (PIM). These activities involve setting target values on the basis of a desired future state formulated individually by different units and for different types of work, and then reflecting at brief intervals to see whether these values have in fact been achieved. The aim of these reviews is to ensure that the organization as a whole is able to evolve through a process of self-awareness concerning matters such as how improvements can be made. In order to achieve "excellence in corporate activities," (a target of DISCO Values) it is indispensable that each individual employee act to ensure that improvements can be made by reflecting on and learning from these activities. Our everyday PIM activities has allowed us to streamline operations throughout the corporation, making DISCO a dynamic, evolving organization."

DISCO intends to continue to evolve by aiming for true excellence in all our corporate activities. We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

Kazuma Sekiya
Representative Executive Officer, President