Research and Development

Since its founding, DISCO has been a leader in advanced Kiru, Kezuru, Migaku technologies, a position made possible by continuous research and development. A key strength in a rapidly changing market, DISCO's R&D seeks to create solutions that are not only the most advanced and effective, but also fully compatible with the company's rigorous environmental, health, and safety standards.

A Solutions-Based R&D Philosophy

Products are simply a means to an end: customers require effective solutions that deliver optimum value. In recognition of this fact, the solutions teams at DISCO include not only engineers but also applications and marketing specialist-people who understand the production and business aspects of the technologies. Because of their well-rounded membership, these teams can create solutions that match customer needs in every dimension.

An R&D Environment that Places Importance on Inspiration and a Challenge

Building B in the Head Office/R&D Center is primarily our R&D facility. This places our engineers' desks adjacent to the area where the R&D equipment is located. The creation of an environment that allows for an immediate examination of the engineers' inspiration using close-by equipment enables DISCO to continue to provide invaluable creative solutions and products even in the rapidly changing semiconductor industry.

Expertise Alliances with a Global Perspective

As demand increases for ultra-thin die 50 micrometers thick or less, customers are requesting information and advice not only on the core grinding process but also on all related processes and technologies. To serve this need, DISCO has formed alliances with manufacturers, research institutions, and universities around the world and offers the sum of this gathered expertise to its customers. Expertise alliances are one additional way in which DISCO endeavors to provide customers with truly complete solutions.

Environmentally Friendly R&D

At DISCO, environmental friendliness is built directly into the R&D process. In addition to the basic goal of using the least impactful manufacturing materials and processes, DISCO has begun a Green Products initiative that seeks to reduce or eliminate environmental impact at every stage of the product lifecycle. For example, DISCO engineers aim to create machines that not only consume less air, water, and electricity during their life but also recycle easily at the end of it. Through these and other initiatives, DISCO is committed to making the most customer-friendly and environmentally friendly products possible.