Earthquake-Resistance Verification

Test Purpose

In order for customers to feel confident using equipment, DISCO recommends using properly securing equipment using metal fixtures (hereafter earthquake resistance fixtures). Attaching earthquake resistance fixtures appropriately helps ensure the safety of those close to the equipment when an earthquake occurs.

In DISCO, earthquake-resistance tests were performed to verify the effectiveness of the earthquake resistance fixtures using actual equipment instead of just performing a calculation or simulation.

Contents of Test

Vibration tests were performed using seismic waves equal to those observed in the Mid Niigata Prefecture Earthquake (K-NET Ojiya) and the Great East Japan Earthquake (K-NET Sendai) with four machines secured on a three-dimension shaking table. The tests were performed to confirm whether there is a difference in safety between equipment with and without earthquake resistance fixtures.

Test Results

Without earthquake resistance fixtures

The vibration caused the equipment to move from its original installation position while swaying significantly, which posed a significant safety risk.

With earthquake resistance fixtures

Even after the vibration, the equipment did not move from its original position. 


Note: The appropriate method of securing earthquake resistance fixtures differs depending on the equipment and installation environment.
Please feel free to contact a DISCO sales representative for details.