Machine Customization

First, a Complete Understanding of Customer Needs

Manufacturers require not just products, but complete, integrated solutions. Each time DISCO receives a customer inquiry, it examines carefully the intended workpiece and processing goals. If it is determined that DISCO equipment is appropriate for the application, DISCO's engineers then perform experiments to select the ideal machines, diamond products, and processing conditions for the job. Customers are encouraged to participate in each stage of this thorough process, only after which can a machine specification and estimate be drawn up.

Applications Support

Individually Tailored Designs

DISCO's applications experiments (test cuts, test grinds, etc.) help to uncover hidden needs and process issues. Using the resulting data, DISCO engineers build upon standard machine specifications to create equipment that is tailored to the customer's specific products and production lines. Machine customization is an essential element of DISCO's Kiru, Kezuru, Migaku consulting, in which machines, precision abrasives, and applications are harmonized to provide optimum solutions.

Customer Inspections for Added Confidence

Purchasers of DISCO precision machines always have the option of personally inspecting the equipment at the Buy-Off Center at our Kuwabata Plant. To preserve the confidentiality of all orders, each customer's shipment is stored in its own completely separate room. Customers may take as much time as they wish in examining their equipment, and, should they discover any issues or have any additional requests, these are addressed immediately.