High-Quality Manufacturing

Since its founding, DISCO has taken pride in its manufacturing operations, as they are one fundamental way of delivering quality to the customer and increasing customer satisfaction. Employing a modern "pull" system of production allows DISCO to offer both the highest standards of quality and extremely short lead times.

High-Quality Precision Equipment

The Goal Is Superior Processing Results

Made at the Kuwabata Plant in Hiroshima Prefecture, DISCO's precision equipment offer customers the highest level of quality and customization. In addition to production, sales, engineering, and purchasing cooperate to satisfy customer needs at a reasonable cost. DISCO manufactures all its spindles, chuck tables, and processing point technologies in-house to ensure that these key parts always meet DISCO's exacting standards.

Kuwabata plant
Kuwabata plant
Clean room
Clean room
Automatic parts warehouse
Automatic parts warehouse

Strict Inspection Regime

DISCO's precision equipment, highly-accurate to micrometer-level (1/1000 millimeter), require the highest level of quality control during inspection of parts and materials and assembly of the equipment. At every stage, rigorous inspections ensure that DISCO's high standards are met.

Quality packing, shipping, and installation

DISCO's precision equipment fulfill their purpose only once they are up and running at the customer site. For this reason, DISCO's strict quality control does not end on the assembly floor. Special packing materials and techniques protect the equipment from vibration and moisture, while air suspension is employed during shipping to ensure safe delivery to the final destination.

High-Quality Precision Diamond Products

Managing Over 20,000 Blades and Wheels

Manufactured at the Kure Plant in Hiroshima Prefecture, DISCO's blades and wheels are also an indispensable part of excellent processing results. DISCO's vast lineup of precision diamond products serves to satisfy virtually any processing need.

Clean Manufacturing Processes

To preserve product integrity, DISCO's blade-making facilities are extremely clean. Air showers and special dust-free suits are standard equipment.

Exacting Quality Control

To ensure excellent processing results at the customer's site, DISCO measures blade and wheel tolerances according to the strictest standards. DISCO thoroughly inspects all raw materials and measures diamond concentration, thickness, diameter, circularity, blade exposure, appearance, and the final product.

Inspection Certificates Available On-line

The inspection certificates of DISCO precision diamond products are accessible on-line at any time. This system saves customers the time and trouble of filing the certificates themselves.

Production History Database

The production history of each product DISCO manufactures is kept securely in a computer database. In the event of a problem, the product number allows easy access to this information. A thorough investigation can be made and appropriate measures taken immediately.