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Cutting Using a WaterJet Saw


In addition to dicing saw and laser saw applications, DISCO is also proposing various applications based on the waterjet saw (Product name: DAW4110). In the DAW4110, abrasive material, which is discharged from a nozzle together with pressurized water, is used to cut the workpiece.

The workpiece is processed by the abrasive material discharged at high speed under pressure together with the water.
Figure 1: The workpiece is processed by the abrasive material discharged at high speed under pressure together with the water.

Processing merits of the DAW4110

Non-thermal processing

Since the loose abrasive material impacts the workpiece and performs cutting, processing heat due to friction does not occur. This is effective in materials where cutting defects easily occur due to processing heat.

Curvilinear processing

In contrast to blade processing, which makes a straight line cut in the workpiece, the waterjet from the nozzle makes a hole in the workpiece. Therefore, it is possible to precisely cut a workpiece at a programmed outline like a curvilinear processing.

Low pressure processing

The DAW4110 employs an AWSJ* system, therefore, it is possible to process at low water pressure compared to generic waterjet equipment. As a result, the DAW41110 is able to adapt to numerous material types, such as thin, brittle materials, flexible materials and laminated materials.

* AWSJ : Abrasive Water Suspension Jet. Compared to AWIJ (Abrasive Water Injection Jet), which is the most prevalent system, the AWSJ can process at low water pressure. DISCO has realized an AWSJ system by developing original technology to stabilize the concentration of the abrasive.

Low water pressure merits

  • Low-noise / Low vibration
    Substantially suppresses noise and vibration, compared to generic waterjet systems.
  • Stability
    Reduces the risk of equipment damage due to water pressure when a maintenance malfunction occurs, compared to generic waterjet systems.
  • Small footprint
    The small pressure pump contributes to a smaller footprint.

Low environmental impact

To efficiently use the abrasive material, the DAW4110 employs a system to collect and recycle the unworn abrasive in the water.

Various material processing examples

Precise non-thermal curvilinear processing of various materials is possible as shown in the below photograph.
(from the top left going clockwise: Copper, Silicon, Aluminum, SUS, glass, glass epoxy resin)

Process handling equipment


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