Basic Stance on Purchasing

DISCO has clearly stated that it thinks of all suppliers as equal business partners and conducts fair business practices in compliance with laws and regulations in the ‘DISCO Stance on Purchasing,'and we have distributed this to all our suppliers.
In addition, DISCO has requested all suppliers to inform us of any conduct that infringes on equal partnership.

Buyer’s Oath

DISCO must carry out fair transactions. DISCO considers all employees who interact with suppliers to be buyers, not just the employees from the Purchasing Department. Buyers pledge a Buyer’s Oath covering activities they must observe.
Employees engaged in purchasing operations renew the Buyer’s Oath once a year, so they can approach their work afresh.

Supplier Selection

The following issues are seen as a priority when conducting transactions with all our suppliers. If conditions such as price, quality and lead-time are the same, DISCO may prioritize the company that adheres to socially responsible corporate activities.

  1. Socially responsible corporate activities, such as observance of rules and regulations, and consideration for the environment and human rights
  2. Adherence to a suitable price, quality and lead-time
  3. Offering a sophisticated solution and a speedy and efficient response.