Diversity & Inclusion

Providing Opportunities for Post-Retirement Reemployment

Personnel with extensive experience and technical skills are invaluable to DISCO. Therefore, DISCO has established a reemployment system for employees over the retirement age of 60 who are healthy and wish to continue working.
As an opportunity for employees to think about their post-retirement plans, DISCO provides life plan seminars for employees at the ages of 55 and 58. These seminars provide not only a detailed explanation of the reemployment system, including procedures and work conditions, but also of pension and other support measures available to those who retire upon reaching retirement age.

Hiring People with Disabilities

DISCO actively hires people with disabilities from employment support centers for persons with disabilities, special education schools, etc.
At Hiroshima Works, DISCO introduced a unique system in fiscal year 2010 to support employees with disabilities. Through this system, DISCO has created an environment in which employees with disabilities can take part in production at DISCO, assisted by support measures such as tools that can be used with one hand and automated equipment that can be used with just the push of a button. In addition, DISCO provides support for participation in the Abilympics (competition for people with disabilities featuring contests based on everyday vocational skills) and the Special Olympics (program for people with intellectual disabilities featuring various sports training opportunities and competitions based on Olympic sports), operates a specially prepared bus for commuting, and offers vocational experiences to students from special education schools.

Assessment System

DISCO believes that the responsibilities and goals expected of employees should be clear and that salaries should be allocated based on impartial assessment acceptable to the person involved and reflecting their abilities and experience.
To make this a reality, the company has established several career tracks with clearly outlined qualifications and roles.

Program for Switching Career Tracks

When an employee first enters the company, they are assigned to the “managerial track,” “technical track,” or “clerical track” based on compatibility, but sometimes they may decide that they would like to switch to a different track at a later date to better reflect their career and life plans. In response to these needs, DISCO has established a “Program for Switching Career Tracks,” which allows employees the flexibility to change their track so that they can find motivation in their work and choose a work style that suits them.

Freedom to Transfer and Internal Recruitment System

At DISCO, employees have the freedom to transfer between departments at their discretion. This freedom is based on the idea that "employees are able to put forth their best effort if they are doing tasks of their choosing within the department of their choosing, which leads to optimal allocation of human resources within the company as a whole.”
To further reinforce this freedom, DISCO has established the internal recruitment program, through which departments looking for new personnel can internally post openings, listing the required experience, skills, and other conditions.
If the employee and their chosen department both agree, the employee is able to transfer to that department, and their current department is not permitted to obstruct the transfer.
In addition, because the Will accounting system facilitates awareness about the effect new personnel may have on department profitability, departments accept new transfers only after serious consideration regarding whether the employee will be a good match.
This system enables not only employee self-fulfillment but also the construction of an even more productive work environment with more even resource distribution and less allocation mismatch within the company as a whole.

Global Challenge System

This system supports employees who wish to work overseas. Through this system, whenever there is a need for human resources at an overseas affiliate, candidates are recruited from within the company.

Flexible Choice of Work Location

This system allows employees to transfer to another office location that better fits their own lifestyle, life stage, and career plan while also preserving their current department affiliation. Through this system, employees are empowered to realize a work style of their choosing, which connects to increased motivation.

Employee Association

The Employee Association is an organization that aims to cultivate a positive relationship between employees and the company in order to promote mutual growth, with representatives selected from among employees. Every year, the Employee Association holds regular meetings after gathering opinions and requests regarding personnel systems, including salary increases, benefit programs, and occupational safety and health, and then holds dialogues with management. In addition, the Employee Association plans and carries out various events to improve the “Quality of Relationships” among employees. In 2020, while holding in-person events was difficult due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Employee Association organized a total of five company-wide online get-togethers, with 2,539 employees participating.

Last updated: 2021/09/02