Health and Safety Initiatives

Employee health and safety are among DISCO’s top priorities. For this reason, we established the Principles of Health and Safety in 2005 and continue to promote initiatives in this area in order to prevent accidents and disasters, and to enable employees to lead safe and healthy lives.

Principles of Health and Safety

Principles of Health and Safety

The Principles of Health and Safety clarify the direction of individual and corporate actions for the purpose of preventing accidents and disasters as well as protecting our health.

  1. Health and safety are among our top priorities.
  2. Ensuring health and safety concerns not only our employees but also all people*1 involved with our products and services.
  3. We will evolve from "zero accidents" to "zero risks."
  4. We must, naturally, comply with all laws and regulations; but we aim to go beyond that.
  5. Health and safety outside working hours*2 are also important.
  6. We must always be conscious of health and safety.
  7. Anything lacking in terms of health or safety will be corrected immediately.
  8. Even in emergencies, we will put forth our best efforts to avoid risks and accomplish our duty*3.
  9. If we sense any danger, we must immediately stop work and wait until completely satisfied with health and safety conditions to restart work.
  10. When in a new situation, adequate evaluation and adequate preparation are necessary.

*1 "All people" means every person who manufactures, uses, or maintains our products. Thus, customers and suppliers are also included.
*2 "Outside working hours" refers to commuting and break time. When driving to work or on business, safe driving is of course required. We also wish to encourage placing utmost priority on health and safety even when off-duty or on holiday.
*3 We must not abandon our duty so easily in order to ensure our health and safety. Instead, we must mobilize every possible means to both accomplish our duty and protect our health and safety at the same time. However, if there is no way to avoid danger, we must also have the courage to abandon our duty.

Creation of a Safe Workplace

Zero Accident Initiative

DISCO began its Zero Accident initiative in fiscal year 2004 with the aim of eliminating accidents and encouraging health and safety to take root in our corporate culture.
More specifically, this initiative focuses on the reduction of workplace-specific risks that lead to accidents, “zero traffic accident” exercises, safety training, and disaster prevention activities.
In order to create a workplace where all people can work safely, DISCO has been making efforts to prevent accidents in both the “hard” aspect, such as improving facilities and equipment, as well as the “soft” aspect, such as rethinking individual actions and sharing necessary information. In particular, DISCO has been focusing on the abovementioned Zero Accident initiative that aims to eliminate accidents and encourage health and safety to take root in our corporate culture. In addition to safety training for new employees, DISCO proactively creates opportunities to think about safety, such as conducting KYT (risk prevention training) and holding discussions in order to achieve zero accidents.
DISCO also holds monthly Health and Safety Committee meetings with all domestic and overseas affiliates in order to realize a safe and comfortable work environment. The committee members patrol their respective workplaces, make a note of ideas that excel in safety and points that could be improved, and report them at the committee meeting. Furthermore, whenever a work-related accident occurs, the applicable department formulates an accident prevention countermeasure. The Health and Safety Committee then discusses the validity of these countermeasures and how they can be applied in other areas. Regardless of the size of the accident, details of the accident are shared and countermeasures are implemented for all employees.
One example of the Zero Accident initiative is the implementation of the “Internal Driver’s License System” starting from fiscal year 2016. Even if an employee has an official driver’s license, if they are required to drive as part of their work at DISCO, they must acquire the internal driver’s license. This system was updated in 2019, and by conducting an original classroom learning test every year, each and every employee is able to continue to review the way they drive and be aware of their safety.

Driving safety seminar
Driving safety seminar

Safety Training

In order to achieve zero accidents, it is absolutely vital to raise the safety awareness of each and every employee, and DISCO provides safety training to this end.
Recently, particular focus has been on safety training for customer engineers for when they carry out service maintenance. DISCO provides a consistent level of safety training across all its domestic and overseas local affiliates.
DISCO continues to promote initiatives to achieve zero accidents throughout the entire group.

Equipment maintenance safety seminar
Equipment maintenance safety seminar

OHSMS (Occupational Health and Safety Management System)

Hiroshima Works, DISCO’s manufacturing base, acquired the OHSAS 18001 certification in 2004 and returned the certification in 2013.
Currently, we have declared self-compliance by means of our continued commitment toward maintaining and improving the system that has been established based on OHSAS 18001 (currently called ISO45001).
We will continue to improve our internal auditing system and continue the operation of our Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
With regard to overseas affiliates, the same certification was acquired by DISCO HI-TEC (SINGAPORE) in 2007 and by DISCO HI-TEC EUROPE GmbH in 2008 (returned in 2016). In 2009, DISCO HI-TEC CHINA CO., LTD. received the Chinese standard "GB/T 28001-2001," which conforms to "OHSAS.“

OHSAS 18001 Certifications / GB/T 28001-2001

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

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