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A processing method for gallium arsenide

Application processing examples

This is to introduce a processing method for gallium arsenide which easily generates chipping.

Process Example

The dicing of gallium arsenic (GaAs) has the following general tendencies.

  • The attitude of the chipping changes greatly depending on the crystal orientation of the GaAs wafer.
  • It is possible to process material, where chipping easily occurs, with high quality using a blade with finer mesh.
  • To control the chipping, GaAs is often processed at feed speed slower than that for processing silicon.

The confirmation method for the influence crystal orientation and general blade specification and conditions for processing GaAs are introduced below.

The influence of crystal orientation

Using a standard blade (Please refer to the item on the blade specification) the influence of the crystal orientation is confirmed according to the following procedures.
However, when the crystal orientation is shifted by 45º and there is a pattern, the chipping becomes the same level for either channel.

  1. A cutting sequence change is tried.
  2. A change in direction for blade entry is tried.
  3. The feed speed for each channel is investigated.

General blade specification and processing conditions

<Blade specification>

Mesh size #4000 to #5000
Concentrations 70, 50
Example of blade type ZH05 SD4800-N1-70 BB

<Processing conditions>

Feed speed 1 to 10 mm/s
Spindle rotation 20000 to 30000 rpm
Cut depth The shallower the cut depth into the tape, the more backside chipping quality improves.


Chipping size differs in the CH 1 and CH 2 processed lines according to the difference of crystal orientation.


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