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Alignment using an IR Camera

Application processing examples

The IR (Infrared) camera is a camera using infrared rays. Infrared rays have a longer wavelength compared with visible light. Therefore, it is difficult to scatter and possible to take a picture by penetrating silicon or other material and to perform alignment from the backside. The IR camera can be installed to DISCO equipment as an option or as a DPR part.

Process Example

Depending on the mounting combination, for example, Si + Si or Si + Glass, an IR camera is used to perform alignment on the workpiece with no pattern on the side being ground.


The following are photographs taken using the standard and IR cameras of a 0.3 mm thick patterned wafer with the patterned side mounted downward.

  • Photo 1: Standard camera

    Standard camera
  • Photo 2: IR camera

    IR camera

Note: There is a wrong and right way to use an IR camera depending on the workpiece thickness and material. Please feel free to contact your DISCO sales representative concerning this.


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