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Processing Irregular-Shaped Wafers Using the Shape Recognition Function

Application processing examples

Normally, round and square workpieces are processed by dicing saws. For that reason, when processing irregular-shaped workpieces such as triangular or broken wafers, there will be some waste. Therefore, by installing the shape recognition unit to a dicing saw, even an irregular-shaped workpiece can be accurately recognized. Thus, processing will be performed using the best stroke, so throughput can also be improved. The shape recognition unit is available as an optional accessory.

Process Example

To process an irregular-shaped workpiece with the best suited stroke, the shape recognition unit should be used.

The following is a picture from performing shape recognition using a CCD camera with DISCO equipment.

Photo 1: Shape Recognition

Note: The availability of the shape recognition unit differs depending on the equipment. Please feel free to contact your DISCO sales representative to confirm.


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