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LCD Driver Die Strength and Drop Strength

Application processing examples

Demand is growing for ultra-thin LCD driver die packages, which are used to power and control LCD screens on mobile phones and computers, to realize compact highly functional devices. These advances have led to a growing demand for high-strength die.

Dicing Before Grinding Process (DBG)

The following graph outlines test results for die strength and drop strength for die processed using conventional grinding method and DBG.
Die processed using the DBG process showed less backside chipping compared to conventional grinding processes, displaying superior die strength and drop strength.

Die strength and drop strength tests results
Fig.1 Die strength test results and drop strength test success rates after conventional grinding/DBG
* Die success rate: When dropped 50 times
Drop test method
Fig.2 Drop test method
  • Photo 1:Conventional grinding processing results

    Conventional grinding processing results
  • Photo 2:DBG processing results

    DBG processing results


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